Yiorgos Christodoulides

Born in Moscow in 1968, raised in Larnaka, Cyprus. Holder of an MA in Journalism (Lomonosov University, Moscow). He works as a journalist in Nicosia.
His debut work, Ένια (Enia: Ateleia, Nicosia, 1996) was awarded the State Prize for young writers. His second, Ονειροτριβείον (Dream-Mill: Gavrielides, Athens, 2001) received the State Prize for poetry. It was followed by: Εγχειρίδιο Καλλιεργητή (Grower’s Manual: Govosti, Athens, 2004); Το Απραγματοποίητο (The Undone: Gavrielides, Athens, 2010) and Δρόμος μεταξύ Ουρανού και Γης (Road between Heaven and Earth: Farfoulas, Athens, 2013).  His  book of poetry, Πληγείσες Περιοχές-Γυμνές Ιστορίες (Affected Areas-Raw Tales: Melani, Athens, 2016) has been translated into French by Michel Volkovitch as Zones sinistrées (published by ‘Le miel des anges’) and in Serbian by Aleksandra Milanovic (publised by Treći Trg) and presented both in Paris (May 2017) and in Belgrade, October 25, 2018. 

His 7th poetry book 
Μυστικοί Άνθρωποι (Secret People)  was published in Athens, Kyma, 2019, and his 8th poetry collection, Ελαφρώς Θλιμμένος (Slightly sad)  published in Patras, Pikrammenos, Greece. His 9th poetry collection, LAL-Notification of a Sad Event, was  published by Koukkida, Athens 2022.
In November 2021, Giórgos Christodoulides | Selected Poems (1996-2021) came out. One hundred poems drawn from eight books of poetry spanning 25 years make up the volume Giórgos Christodoulides | Selected Poems (1996-2021), was out by Armida Publications. The edition, which marks one of the most expanded collections of Greek verses in English translation (by Despina Pirketti) to date, renders the Cypriot poet’s vivid etchings of people and things within a new soundscape. 
The book was presented in London(Cyprus Ηouse) in April 2022, by Dr Michael Paraskos, Senior Teaching Fellow in the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication and an art historian, Imperial College (London). The Greek translation of M. Paraskos' speech has been published in the Neo Planodion magazine: In July, same year, Christodoulides' Selected Poems, were presented at the annual Gerard Manley Hopkins International Literary Festival, in Ireland, by the internationally renowned Irish poet and personal friend of Christodoulides, Desmond Egan.

Together with the poet Panayiotis Nicolaides, he prepared the Anthology of Cypriot Poetry 1960-2018, that came out in November 2018 (Kima-Wave, Athens)
In September 2018, 10 poems of Christodoulides were translated into Spanish by José Antonio Moreno Jurado in the framework of ARS POETICA 1, held in Patras, Greece, and included in the relevant anthology. 
Poetry of his was included in the Anthology of European Poetry "Grand Tour" (2019) moderated by the German Academy for Language and Literature.

Spring 2018, ten poems of Christodoulides were published in the Pan-arabic newspaper Alaraby tranaslated by the Palestinian Poet Najwan Darwish

In June 2010, a short selection of Christodoulides' poems were published in Berlin, Germany, in the framework of the Poesiefestival Berlin.

In December 2011, more than 150 poems spanning the past fifteen years of Christodoulides’ work were translated into Bulgarian by Vasilka Petrova Hadjipapa (Plamik: Sofia, 2011) and put together in a single volume titled after his collection Ονειροτριβείον [Dream-Mill].

Part of his work has also been translated into many other European languages and appeared in many Cypriot, Greek and international literary reviews.

Participation in International Poetry Events: 

Limassol International Book Fair, November 2022

Gerard Manley Hopkins International Literary Festival, July 2022

Larnaka International Poetry Festival, April 2022

  Patras international Poetry Festival 2021
World Poetry Day 21 March 

5th International Poetry Festival (Nicosia 2021) «ες γην εναλίαν Κύπρον»

Partisipation in the online "Festival of Hope" 2021 with the poem
“The case of the world sempre in lake Tampo” , "Ένα δέντρο κλαίει στις όχθες της λίμνης Τάμπο"
World Poetry Day, March 2021, organised by UNESCO

4o Διεθνές Λογοτεχνικό Φεστιβάλ 2019,  Λευκωσία

Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Ποίησης Πάτρας Mediterranean 2019
Partisipation in the online "Festival of Hope" with the poem
“The case of the world sempre in lake Tampo” , "Ένα δέντρο κλαίει στις όχθες της λίμνης Τάμπο"

 4th International Literary Festival to the sea-girt shores of  Cyprus 2019

Patras World Poetry Festival, 2019

Creative Europe - EACEA project - READING BALKANS, 2019 Nicosia
Festival of Literature of the European Mediterranean – FLEM 2, Belgrade, Serbia, October 2018

ARS POETICA1, Patras Greece, September 2018

La Nuit de la Littérature, Paris,  France,  May 2017

International Poetry and Book Festival of Belgrade (Treci Trg), May 2017

Crowd Omnibus Reading Tour, July, 2016, Thessaloniki-Athens

Festival Voix Vives de Méditerranée en Méditerranée 2013, Sète, France

Crossing Borders, Connecting Cultures 2010, Stockholm, Sweden

Poesiefestival berlin 2010:  An audio production of Christodoulides’ selected poems in Greek, also rendered into German, can be reached at:

Poetry Symposium, University of Patras (Patras, Greece, 2008)

“Kleine Sprachen, Grosse Literaturen” Forum (Leipzig, 2006)

Τhe Gerard Manley Hopkins Society of Poetry (Kildare, Ireland 2005): Invited by famous Irish poet Desmond Eagan to recite part of his work translated into English.

World Biennial of Poetry (Liège 2003)

Literature Express Europa 2000: In the span of 45 days, more than 100 European litterateurs visited 20 cities in 10 different countries, participating in a series of poetry events. Christodoulides’ poem “Violin cases” was set to music and dramatized in Paris.

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